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KNOT - Tote Bag


Lamaya one-of-a-kind KNOT bag in a bronze finish, is made from eco faux, soft, shiny leather and is our contemporary twist on a traditional, Japanese knot bag.

Our Knot Tote is very light, simple, zen-like design. Just loop the longer handle through the shorter one to close the bag. Japanese knot bags are carried over your wrist and have a lovely round shape. 


Our designs are limited addition, so you can stay original and on trend. 

KNOT - Tote Bag

£55.00 Regular Price
£35.99Sale Price
  • Fabric: Premium Eco Faux Leather

    Colour: Bronze/Gold with Lilac Detailing

    Style: Clutch/Shoulder Bag

    Size: 39cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 7cm (D) - approx

  • Durable material, stronger then you think

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