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 Lamaya team here. We are having fun in vastly dynamic city of Brighton, where weird and wonderful ideas are beaming from all angles.
Sitting on the beach one summer, watching the world go by... or how we like to call it 'being nosey and people watching '- this is when we realised we wanted to add our little idea out there... so this is when we came up with the idea of
Lamaya bags and accessories.

Our designs are made from washable paper (which actually looks and feels a little like suede, so we've been told) and also from eco leather (often called vegan leather). It is our contemporary twist on the real deal. With Lamaya accessories we are adding ceramics, gemstones and sterling silver finishes.
The concept is totally simple, as we believe that great design doesn't have to be complicated.
 Lamaya bags and accessories will go brilliantly with your fave jeans & t-shirt and make a fabulous party accessory to go with your dress & heels. In some of our bag designs you will be able to fit a whole bunch of unnecessary and necessary things, such as your phone, wallet, keys, iPad or/and Chihuahua ;)
In others there is plenty of space for more minimal essentials, such as your credit card and phone of course!

So bag it up and let's accessorize!
All you need to do is pick your design.


Each Lamaya product is designed and handmade with lots of love and fun. Our designs come in small batches due to constant brains-storm sessions, where we come up with new and unique materials to work with and new ideas too! This is why each collection is made up of one-time-only stock... so make sure you keep an eye out!
By working this way, we are trying to add a 'dynamic Brighton twist' to our store and keeping you on trend... we hope, anyway!
Take your
Lamaya design on all your adventures... big or small! Make sure to tag @lamayastore so we can feature your photos on our page:) 

​And lastly, we hope that you will enjoy having something from our shop, as much as we have enjoyed creating it :)

Lamaya team x

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